Using the Blockpool Core Desktop wallet

Using the Blockpool Core Desktop wallet

How to use the Blockpool Core Desktop wallet

This article will provide all the necessary information you need to use the BPL Core Desktop wallet.


Using the Blockpool Core Desktop wallet is relatively simple for anyone with basic computer skills. You will need to have the wallet installed as detailed here:

Basic operation

The Blockpool Core Desktop wallet is similar to other cryptocurrency wallets. A common misconception is that cryptocurrency wallets actually contain virtual tokens. This is not true, as the blockchian itself contains the digital tokens. The wallet simply enables management of the tokens to which the user has access.

The most common use is to send and receive the BPL token. However, as a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchian, there are additional options to vote for or register a delegate. For more information about Delegation, please see this article [yet to be written].

Creating or importing a wallet

Tokens on the Blockpool Core blockchain are associated with a wallet. This wallet is associated with an address and is essentially an identity on the blockchain that can carry a token balance and transaction history. Without an address, an individual can not hold, send, or receive the BPL token. 

Creating or importing a wallet is a straight-forward process...
First, click the BPL icon () in the upper left of BPL Desktop then select either "Create Wallet" or "Import Wallet" in the upper right
Create Wallet
  1. Select one of the three wallet addresses presented and click "Next".
    This list can be regenerated by clicking  (refresh button).

  2. Back up your passphrase and click "Next"
     !  Note: It is strongly recommended that you write this down and store the paper somewhere safe. This passphrase is the only way to restore the wallet in case of PC failure so it should be stored somewhere other than the PC you are running Blockpool Core Desktop on.

  3. Confirm that the passphrase was correctly stored by typing three words of the passphrase you wrote down in the prior step, then click "Next"
    Note: You may wish to "Verify each passphrase word" by activating the toggle (), allowing you to enter all twelve words.
  4. Create a password for secure access to your BPL tokens. This is an optional step, but is recommended to avoid the need to store your passphrase for easy access

  5. Confirm completion and optionally name the wallet

Import wallet
  1. Specify the passphrase and/or address to be imported then click "Next"
    Note: using only the address will import the wallet as read-only. The passphrase is required for any interaction with the wallet

  2. Set a password for your wallet so that you don't need to store the passphrase locally for easy access then click "Next"
    This is an optional yet strongly recommended security measure.

  3. Name the wallet if desired and click "Done"

That's it! You're now ready to start using BPL! 

BPL Core Desktop interface

All interactions with a wallet will start by clicking the icon for the associated wallet on the right side of the main BPL.

Receiving and Transferring BPL 

Sending and receiving BPL 


Receiving the BPL token is as easy as providing your wallet address to the system or individual that is intended to send it to your wallet. The wallet address is displayed in shortened form in the upper left of BPL Core Desktop. The copy icon  will add it to your PC's clipboard to be easily pasted into another system or communication.

Transferring (Sending)

Transferring the BPL token to another  is initiated by clicking the "Send" button in the upper right of the BPL Core Desktop interface. This will open the "Transfer" popup window.

Enter the BPL Core address that you wish to send the BPL token to in the "Recipient" and the specify the amount to send. Transaction fee for BPL Core Desktop is set to .1 bpl per transaction. This section can be safely disregarded.

Enter your password to decrypt the wallet and initiate the transaction.

Confirm the recipient address and amount once more before clicking "Send".

Congratulations! You have sent your first BPL Core transaction to the network!

Voting for a Delegate

Blockpool Core is a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain-- which allows BPL holders to support delegates by voting for them. Delegate rankings are determined by the total balance in wallets that have voted for them. This allows individuals that hold the BPL token to support delegates that are more stable or pools that have a higher payout. To vote for a delegate, 

To vote, click the "Delegates" tab and select a delegate from the list. If you do not see the chosen delegate in the list, you may opt to search by name.

A popup window with details of the delegate you are voting for appears. Confirm that your vote is to go to the intended delegate and click "Vote"

Another window appears informing you of a 1 BPL voting fee. Enter your wallet password and click "Next"

One final confirmation... Click "Send β1.00" to register your vote

Finished! Thank you for your support of the BPL network.

Advanced operation

Some useful advanced functions of Blockpool Core Desktop include the creation of a second passphrase and registering your own delegate.

Second passphrase creation

Second passphrases are used as an added security measure. To create a second passphrase, click the  icon in the upper right of BPL Core Desktop and choose "2nd passphrase".

In the window that follows, click "Generate new second passphrase"

As you did when you created the wallet, write down the 12 word passphrase to be stored somewhere safe then click "Next"

Review the confirmation and notice of the 5 BPL fee for second passphrase creation and enter your wallet's password. Double-check that you have both passphrases backed up and click "Next"

Done! All interactions with this address will now require both of the passphrases you generated. Please be careful to keep your passphrases safe, as it is impossible to recover a wallet without all associated passphrases.

Registering a Delegate

It is also possible to register your own delegate on the Blockpool Core blockchain. Delegation supports the decentralisation and stability of our network. To register a delegate, click the  icon in the upper right of BPL Core Desktop and choose "Register delegate".

Enter the desired name for your delegate, note the 10 BPL registration free, and enter your wallet's password before clicking "Next"

Confirm the desired delegate username before clicking "Send β10.00"

Your delegate registration has now been submitted! The registration takes approximately an hour to process. Once complete, your delegate is available for yourself and others to vote for.

Further Information

Please join us at for community support and advice.

As a branch of the Ark blockchain, you may also utilise their very thorough documentation on the Ark Desktop Wallet. Features will not be the same in every case, but there are many similarities. Ark documentation can be found at

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