Advanced features of the Blockpool Support Portal are unavailable when third-party cookies are disabled.


            When visiting the Blockpool Support Portal, certain features listed below are unavailable or do not function properly when 3rd party cookies are disabled in the web browser.

            Affected components

            • Blockpool Support Portal registration
            • The "My Area" section of the Blockpool Support Portal
            • Landing pages linked from end user notifications
            • Ticket lists and views for registered users of the Blockpool Support Portal


            The Blockpool Support Portal uses 3rd party cookies to identify the end user and recognize end-user account attributes. These variables are used to deliver dynamic content.


            Enable 3rd party cookies in the browser -- either globally or explicitly.


            Anyone can submit a new ticket at the Blockpool Support Portal easily, but to take advantage of advanced features such as registering your account on the portal or viewing/interacting with existing tickets,  third-party cookies must be allowed in your browser.

            3rd party cookies can be enabled globally (easy) or by adding specific exceptions (advanced) in the browser's settings.

            Enabling 3rd Party Cookies Globally in your Browser (easy)

            Cookie settings are different for each browser. Please see below for specific instructions for enabling cookies in the most popular browsers.


            Chrome privacy settings are located in Content Settings:
            1. Open the Chrome menu 

            2. Click Settings

            3. Expand "Advanced" at the bottom of the page

            4. Select "Content Settings"

            5. Select "Cookies"

            6. Slider "Block third-party cookies"


            Firefox settings:
            1. Open the Firefox menu

            2. Choose "Preferences"

            3. Select "Privacy and Security"

            4. Under the "History" heading, select "Use custom settings for history" under "Firefox will..."

            5. Check "Accept cookies from websites"

            6. Select "Always" from the "Accept third-party cookies" dropdown menu


            Cookie settings can be found in the Safari  preferences. This document will soon be updated with precise steps to do this.

            Adding Specific Exceptions for Cookies (advanced)

            For users that do not wish to accept third-party cookies globally, you can retain your security settings and utilise the entire Blockpool Support Services portal by adding the following exceptions to your security settings.


            Updated: 27 Mar 2018 06:20 AM
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