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            Basic BPL Core node management

            Basic Management of a BPL Core node

            This article is a work in progress and will be updated over the coming days. It provides instructions for basic management activities required for BPL Core nodes.


            You will need to have a VPS running BPL Core version 2.0.0-pre4 or higher. Instructions for installation of the software can be found here.

            Managing a BPL Core node is relatively easy, but it will help to have some experience with SSH and using the Linux terminal as well as managing a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

            If any issues are encountered, don't worry. Help is available by joining the BPL discord channel at for advice.

            Basic node administration

            All commands below are executed by entering the appropriate text in a terminal window on your node.

            Start the node

            1. Forging: bpl core:start --network="<network>" --bip38="<passphrase>" --password="<password>"
            2. Relay: bpl relay:start --network="<network>"

              (<network> in the examples above represents either devnet, testnet, or mainnet)

            Stop the node

            1. Forging: bpl core stop
            2. Relay: bpl relay stop

            Restarting (stoping, then starting) the node

            1. Forging: bpl core:restart
            2. Relay: bpl relay:restart

            Viewing node status

            1. Forging: bpl core:status
            2. Relay: bpl relay:status

            Monitoring the log

            1. Forging: bpl core:log
            2. Relay: bpl relay:log
            Creating a snapshot (chain backup)
            1. Forging or relay: bpl snapshot:dump

            Restoring a snapshot
            1. Forging or relay: bpl snapshot:restore

            Restoring a snapshot
            1. Forging or relay: bpl update:update --force

            Contgratulations! You now know all the basics that you will need to manage your BPL Core node.

            Further Information

            There are several advanced functions that allow greater control and capability of your node. This will be covered in a subsequent article to be published on in August 2019

            In the meantime, please feel free to explore all of the functions available by typing "bpl --help" in your node's terminal window.

            You may also wish to join us on for advice and assistance as needed.

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