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            Blockpool Core Desktop wallet installation

            Installing and configuring the Blockpool Core Desktop wallet

            This article will guide you through the installation of the Blockpool Desktop wallet.  


            You will need to be familiar with and have administrative privileges on the computer that you will be installing Blockpool Desktop on.

            Compatible Operating Systems

            Blockpool Desktop is available for the  Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems

            Download, Install, Configure

            The install process for Blockpool Core Desktop wallet is similar to other standard application installations.

            1) Download

            Navigate in your preferred web browser to to download the wallet for your operating system.
            Your browser may display a warning about installers from the internet. This precaution helps to keep you secure. Rest assured that the Blockpool Core Desktop wallet is safe and free of malware.

            2) Install

            Run the installer that you downloaded in the previous step. The installation process will vary slightly depending on which operating system you use. You may encounter security prompts to authorise the installation.

            3) Configure

            Once installed, run the program. Choose your language and click "Start"


            You will first be presented with a few pages of important information. We strongly recommend that you read these thoroughly.

            Now it's time to create your profile. This is an identity within Blockpool Core Desktop.  Specify the profile name and other optional settings as desired and click "Next"

            Next, confirm that you are on the proper network and click "Next"

            Finally, you may choose to set the theme of the wallet as you prefer and click "Done"

            That's it! The Blockpool Core Desktop wallet is now ready to use! 

            Further Information

            With setup complete, you can start using the Blockpool Core Desktop cryptocurrency wallet.

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