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            Audiocoin wallet falls out of sync

            To correct this, the AudioCoin wallet must be opened with the -reindex flag.


            If you are comfortable working from the command line, you can do this there. Otherwise, you can right click the Audiocoin executable to create a desktop shortcut. You will find the ability to add the flag in the "Target" field of the shortcut properties.

            The "target field in a shortcut will be"C:\[path to wallet].exe" upon creation.

            Simply append '-reindex' to this (after quotes) to make it The 'target' field in a shortcut will be "C:\[path to wallet].exe" -reindex 

            The file path and file name will vary depending on your installation. The main point is that you add -reindex after the closing quotation marks of the existing data in the Target field of he shortcut properties.
            Updated: 19 Aug 2018 12:30 AM
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